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Insurance claims

At North Shore Doors we also deal with insurance claims and can readily provide a written quote or invoice for your insurer if any damage is claimable
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The common claims we deal with include the backing of vehicles into garage doors or if your premises has unfortunately been the victim of burglary or theft. In the latter case, we can install new locks to provide immediate security and subsequently generate a repair or replacement quote for your garage door for your insurance company
Garage Door Repairs
A damaged garage door that won't close properly can present an easy target for burglars as your security is greatly compromised
Panel damage also leaves the door vulnerable to the elements and greatly reduces the protection afforded to the contents inside
Furthermore, if the door is dented or warped then additional strain may be put on the motor, springs and tracks, which can lead to further unwanted costs arising
As such, it's crucial that you have your garage door repaired as soon as possible

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Frequently asked questions

Is there an exclusive design for garage doors?
Rolling shutters are produced in 18 popular colors. The canvas and the box can be painted in different shades, which gives the product an extraordinary look.
Sectional doors are available not only in standard but also in exclusive designs. Thanks to the use of digital printing, any image can be applied to the canvas: an abstract pattern, a photograph, etc.
Regardless of the type of garage door chosen, their coating will retain its original brightness for a long time.
What is the maximum height of a garage door?
The maximum height of roller shutters is 3 m. For sectional doors this parameter can reach 3.25 m. If the height of the garage opening is much higher, please contact our managers for additional advice.
Which gate will fit my garage?
Sectional doors are the best option if:
- a high level of heat and noise insulation is required;
- a built-in wicket is required (for garages without an additional entrance);
- you want the structure to open and close silently.
In cases where the installation of sectional models is impossible, as well as if you want to save money on the purchase, roller shutters are suitable.

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