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Gate and fence repairs

We provide general and specialised services for customers with sliding, swing, and other types of outdoor gates. We have expertise in repair and maintenance of both manually operated and automatic gates.
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Every Garage Door has a spring of some description. Garage Door Springs make the opening and closing of your doors easy. However, these springs need to be replaced from time to time due to metal fatigue caused by wear and tear from continual opening and closing. There are two types of Garage Door springs

Garage door opener repair

In a way, garage door openers are the most important component of the door. As their name suggests, door openers are created with one purpose in mind – to open and close garage doors. Even though their lifespan is somewhere between 10 and 15 years, these gadgets can break down or malfunction even before this "deadline". As a result, your door could be out of order for a while, trapping your car inside or outside of the garage.

Gate Motor Repairs

Your repairs may involve working on the gate motor itself or simply replacing the battery or the gate motor PC board. There could be a problem with the gate wheels or alignment. The gate repair may also involve welding. You may be having problems with the infrared beams which can be replaced. If needs be, you may need to replace the entire motor. We use only the best gate motors and install and repair according to gate manufacturer's specifications. We can also provide you with additional remotes for added convenience

Broken springs

Not all Sectional Springs are the same. The size of a Sectional Spring needs to be calculated correctly for the weight of your door, to ensure your door is balanced properly. If your garage door is not balanced correctly, it can shorten the life of your Automatic Garage Door Opener. If you are operating your sectional door manually and the door will not sit in the midway position without falling closed or in the fully opening position without falling closed, then your springing is incorrect and either needs adjustment or replacement

Broken cables

Cables are also another problem that arises on Sectional Doors, as they either jump off the pulley or can fray and snap! This is can be caused by lose of sectional spring tension, or the door closes down on an object, or the cables are rusted, frayed and snap

Broken hinges

Roller Garage Doors open vertically with no out swing and are ideal for use on short driveways. The roller garage door is one of the neatest garage door solutions available with vertical operation and no internal tracking mechanism into your garage, however the type of cladding is restricted to colour steel or aluminium.
The Roller door does provide you with more room on your driveway for parking and the option for additional storage space above, where a standard up & over or sectional door would normally open

Insurance claims

Accidents do happen!!! Backed into your garage door? We can arrange a site inspection and detailed report for your Insurance provider to either replace or repair your garage door. Call and/or email us a picture of your garage door so we can see the damage and quickly get onto making your site secure and either get a repair or replacement underway!

Frequently asked questions

Is there an exclusive design for garage doors?
Rolling shutters are produced in 18 popular colors. The canvas and the box can be painted in different shades, which gives the product an extraordinary look.
Sectional doors are available not only in standard but also in exclusive designs. Thanks to the use of digital printing, any image can be applied to the canvas: an abstract pattern, a photograph, etc.
Regardless of the type of garage door chosen, their coating will retain its original brightness for a long time.
What is the maximum height of a garage door?
The maximum height of roller shutters is 3 m. For sectional doors this parameter can reach 3.25 m. If the height of the garage opening is much higher, please contact our managers for additional advice.
Which gate will fit my garage?
Sectional doors are the best option if:
- a high level of heat and noise insulation is required;
- a built-in wicket is required (for garages without an additional entrance);
- you want the structure to open and close silently.
In cases where the installation of sectional models is impossible, as well as if you want to save money on the purchase, roller shutters are suitable.

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