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Modern designs that combine safety, durability and reliability. Robust garage doors «North Shore Doors» guarantee high-quality thermal insulation and prevent the entry of strangers into the room. Aesthetic models are in harmony with the facade, decorated in both classic and modern styles
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Garage doors, which have become popular for a long time. As well as automation and additional options. If you are in doubt which doors (sectional, insulated sectional, roller or tilt) to choose, please contact the official representatives of the North Shore Doors company for advice

Sectional garage doors install

A Sectional Garage Doors open vertically upwards so you can park directly in front of it and not have to worry about the door touching your vehicle when it opens. Sectional Garage Doors offer a much wider range of style, are more weather tight and provide greater safety and security. A Sectional Garage Door overlaps the garage opening to help keep the garage free from dust, leaves, mice or rain ingress.

They are ideal for use on short driveways

Roller garage doors install

Roller Garage Doors open vertically with no out swing and are ideal for use on short driveways. The Roller Garage Door is one of the neatest garage door solutions available with no internal tracking mechanism into your garage, allowing for greater use of the overhead space above your garage. This does however restrict the type of cladding to either Color steel or Aluminum. Roller does have been around for 50yrs and are still the most economic and reliable Garage Door available. Ideal for rental properties as a manual door or automatic

Tilt garage doors install

Tilt Garage Doors are custom made doors and are constructed to fit within any opening. Tilt Garage Doors rotate out and upward in one motion but need to be clear of surrounding objects that may prevent them from opening outward i.e. a car parked in front of it. Tilt Doors are commonly used where a Sectional or Roller Door cannot be installed because of limited clear headroom above the door. Tilt Doors can be clad in a wide variety of materials. Typically, though these days they are replaced by the Sectional Door where headroom is not an issue

Frequently asked questions

Is there an exclusive design for garage doors?
Rolling shutters are produced in 18 popular colors. The canvas and the box can be painted in different shades, which gives the product an extraordinary look.
Sectional doors are available not only in standard but also in exclusive designs. Thanks to the use of digital printing, any image can be applied to the canvas: an abstract pattern, a photograph, etc.
Regardless of the type of garage door chosen, their coating will retain its original brightness for a long time.
What is the maximum height of a garage door?
The maximum height of roller shutters is 3 m. For sectional doors this parameter can reach 3.25 m. If the height of the garage opening is much higher, please contact our managers for additional advice.
Which gate will fit my garage?
Sectional doors are the best option if:
- a high level of heat and noise insulation is required;
- a built-in wicket is required (for garages without an additional entrance);
- you want the structure to open and close silently.
In cases where the installation of sectional models is impossible, as well as if you want to save money on the purchase, roller shutters are suitable.

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